Slurping Encouraged!

When it comes to Authentic Ramen, The Ramen Mobile in Salt Lake City knows how to deliver.

About Us

Miwako Hunter (known to her family and friends as Miwa), has a passion for delicious, high quality food that is based on her Japanese roots. While growing up in Japan, Miwa could easily find a local Ramen restaurant and when she moved to Salt Lake City, Utah, to raise her family, she found she missed this tasty and satisfying food.

Miwa is an entrepreneur at heart, and has sought out her dream to own her own business. She found the opportunity to open The Ramen, a mobile food truck in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Through her traveling food trailer, Miwa provides authentic, delicious Ramen to local businesses, and different communities all across the Salt Lake Valley. Lunch-time seekers, business professionals, students, coffee shop patrons, visitors to the SLC area, and anyone who seeks a delicious hearty meal, can now enjoy authentic, scrumptious, heart-warming, feel-good Ramen!

The Ramen Mobile motto is “slurping encouraged,” and has already received much acclaim in Salt Lake City. The Ramen menu features five main Ramen dishes built upon a yummy broth soup base that is sure to satisfy your palette.

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11am – 2pm


5pm – 8pm

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Phone: (801) 597-6681


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